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You will find videos on:

  • data analysis with stats/econometrics packages
  • mistakes students make in homework/exams
  • proofs – it’s easier to follow proofs being done in front of you than you reading them out of a book. Watch my videos, pick up methods, try it out, and you can only improve. Just sometimes I try not to be lazy.
  • basic math aimed at learners who are rusty with school level math

The material is in some order, though I think this site could be better structured, but I am way too lazy to do anything about it. I will wait for the day that a saint appears and helps beautify the website.

So have a browse – you may find answers to stupid stats questions you have had and dared not ask your professor. If you want to be updated on the videos I upload, I suggest you subscribe to my YouTube channel.

Your stupid statistician

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Launch of online SPSS training course, 24 June 2014

Over the years I have had requests to run an online course in SPSS. Well, it’s finally happened.
Use this link to register for the course for $29 instead of $69. The offer is for the 1st 100 applicants. The course I offer typically goes for at least $400 when run as a public course.

SPSS for Newbies Online Course discount


40 Responses to Home

  1. C van der Zandt says:

    I think it is a great idea. Some books give mathematical answers but do not give an interpretation of the answer in words. I don’t always understand what to do with the answer after a calculation.

  2. steven says:

    Great site! I am about to take an ap stat class and we had on “pre-knowledge” items, you got me through it.

  3. Barbara Clark says:

    I am so glad to have found this site. You seem to put things in the form where I can understand the meaning more clearly. I am a college (age 72, yes, 72) and statistics is so difficult for me to comprehend. I have been searching for a site that I can understand. Doing SPSS without any knowledge is so hard. You videos are clear and I am having no problem. Thank you for keeping you studies as simple as possible, yet very clear to understand and be able to apply what I have learned.

    • wpchan says:

      Dear Barbara
      I am so glad you like my SPSS videos. As I don’t know my audience, I just assume as little as possible.
      With the SPSS videos my plan is to do more on survival analysis, so if you are studying health statistics then keep coming back.

  4. Joe says:

    Hey Phil,
    Super helpful videos. I was having great difficulty comprehending the bounds of joint distributions till I came across your videos. I am not taking a formal class but learning probability for career advancement. Would you be able to answer more specific questions and/or produce more videos covering joint distributions concerning their bounds and use of the probability laws?

    • wpchan says:

      Hi Joe
      This kind of feedback is helpful to me. Your wish has been noted. When doing all these videos you have to have an idea of who your audience is, and I am not too sure of who my audience is. I started off with videos on solving applied problems on my whiteboard, then I recognized there’s a larger audience for data analysis with SPSS and R, so that’s where I am at. I will return to my whiteboard when I want a break from computing.
      Btw, please do not ask me to solve specific problems cuz I don’t have the time. But if you are a professional and want consultation, well that’s another matter.

  5. JMSB says:

    I have always been intimidated by calculations of any kind. Like Ihave to really getthe whatthe symbols mean otherwise I waste my time going back and forth making a reference of the symbol to understand a formula. I have to do and redo a problem in different ways for it to sink and I have to understand the concept in my head so that I can recall the formula later on. I can get it now but then if I don’t use it often it is out of my head. I am glad I found this site.

  6. Steve says:

    Hi Phil,

    I stumbled across your youtube channel and it in turn led me here. I am a undergrad sports lecturer in research methods. Your videos are perfect for beginners (and I’ve watched a LOT of SPSS videos!) and I’ll definitely be recommending them to my students for revision.

    Keep up the good work!


    • wpchan says:

      Wow, how nice. Thanks for the words of encouragement.
      The bigger my audience, the more worthwhile this project will be. So spread the word to your friends – everyone!

  7. Jojo says:

    Hi Phil, thank you for the effort of coming up with such wonderful websites. I too, stumbled upon your youtube channel when I was looking for explanatory videos on interpreting SPSS output. It’s really helpful for my course in Research Methods. But I still have many queries regarding how to interpret output. I hope you could assist me in these issues. That’d be really awesome. THANK AGAIN!

    • wpchan says:

      I make videos to share the most common questions I am asked in SPSS training sessions that I run, or asked on Youtube. Over time, I would like to expand the material. But it’s done as a hobby, so I am not making videos everyday. Although I do love taking questions, I’ve decided not to answer individual questions. Sorry about that.

  8. I’m a student doing MBA but find statistics quite difficult so I search for help and found your site that explained very well the Z-score and how to find it.

  9. balwinder says:

    i was looking for such a buddy site for my stat learnuings and discussions…THANKS

  10. John Hall says:

    Nice set of tutorials SPSS for Newbies, steady, understandable etc. Have a look at the SPSS tutorials on my site. Start with pages:

    http://surveyresearch.weebly.com/spss-without-tears.html and

    Like yours, mine are free to download, but mine are syntax-based whereas yours are GUI, but both have the same pedagogic approach. I would like to suggest a few tweaks to your tutorials, mainly on file design, naming, labelling etc. How do I get in touch with you to exchange ideas, materials etc?

    • wpchan says:

      Thanks for sharing your links John. I have your contact details. I am doing other things and taking a rest from Youtube.

  11. Ken says:

    Hi Phil. I would like to thank you so much for your help. Your videos has been really really helpful to me. Keep up the good work.

  12. Liz Wertz Evans says:

    Hi Phil: Thank you SO MUCH for your help! I am working on my PhD dissertation and hit a roadblock. Your video was incredibly helpful. Even though you might be lazy (as you reported), you have certainly helped this researcher!

    • wpchan says:

      Wonderful. Keep it up. It can be lonely doing research.
      My favourite kind of students are those who ask me questions in class and private students. Without them I would have tired of statistics by now.

  13. Arrielle says:

    YOU ARE GREAT. Thanks for your work.

  14. Sam says:

    You are incredible. Your videos and explanations are very concise and clear. You have been a great help to me in using SPSS. Please keep up the good work!

  15. Manni says:

    Sir, your videos r awwwwsssmmmm……Thanks for your work….

  16. Biftu Geda says:

    Am a nurse by profession and PhD fellow. Your work is very helpful for me and thank you very much for the commitment.

  17. robin says:

    Be good to have an additional example in poisson regression using offset() to demonstrate rates. These are excellent – might be good also to list where you got some of the datasets for the R stuff i.e. which package eaxch was in + name

  18. Michael Long says:

    Please change the line of code under the video “Statistics with R: Simulating data from various distributions and plot

    hist(simchi, main=”Postive skew”, xlab””)

    hist(simchi, main=”Positive skew”, xlab=””)

  19. Rachael says:

    GOD BLESS YOU!!!!!

  20. gabrielle says:

    my man phil!!! i am a master’s student doing a capstone in political communication and also someone who has not EVER taken a stats class and has never used SPSS and you have done what people have tried to for two decades–got me to enjoy math! and furthermore even UNDERSTAND it. thank you!!!

  21. Yas says:

    Hi Phil I really don kno how to say thanks to u for Ur great videos, the best explanation and clear accent . am PhD student, Ur videos helped me a lot in analyzing my data.. actually before watching them using SPSS to analyze data was kinda headache for me but now am loving it 😀

  22. David says:

    Easy to follow video on change of variable – clearly explained what no other video could. This may well be the difference between a pass and fail in my unit. Thanks mate!

  23. Meike says:

    Hi Phil,
    you are great – you saved my day! With your help I finally understood the binary logistic regression! Thank you so much!

    All the best from Germany,

  24. flora says:

    Hi Phil!

    Let me known if it’s possible to have SPSS for Newbies online Course.
    Is it still available right now? I’m waiting for your answer…


  25. John Hall says:

    The SPSS tutorials on my site are specifically aimed at newbies and can be followed even you don’t have access to SPSS.

  26. vici says:

    Excellent tutorial for newbies. You make it sound so logical.

  27. Samy Nashabe says:

    Sir, you’re a life saver & I can’t thank you enough ,, One of the best tutorials on youtube 😉

  28. Yusuf says:

    Hi phil,
    Firstly so sorry my English, Because it isn’t very well. I am doctoral student on psychology in Turkey. I watched your lots of youtube videos. Thank you for helpful videos.
    These days, I prepare a homework about logistic regression and I watched your video about it.(remember, titanic survived). Can you send me this spss data file. I will use it my homework and I will citation to your website. Thans for your help.

    • wpchan says:


      I think that the data set is in the sample folder in SPSS. Otherwise google “spss titanic data set”. Good luck!


  29. ASHISH says:

    Hi Phil, thank you for the effort of making good learning videos over spss & others. I have seen so many vids of urs. really price job. thanks buddy

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